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Boutique Hotels & Resorts International is the distinguished traveler's premier source for certified, genuine boutique hotel gems inThe Americas. Hip or historic, elegantly contemporary or uniquely themed, from country retreats to castles to sheer luxury to celebrated designer hotels, Boutique's hotels and resorts are all unique, in archicterual style, sophisticated interior design or decorative theme. Boutique Hotels & Resorts International has developed the hotel industry's first boutique specific grading and category system in 2001 with the Diamond, Emerald and Sapphire Collections, providing travellers with a unique quality

assurance for each hotel, its facilities and services. Boutique assigns each Certified Boutique Hotel one or more specific Style Designation(s) to provide travellers with meaningful criteria for a smart hotel selection.

The Only Collection Of Certified Boutique Hotels From Around The World

It's All About Your Senses

To make a reservation, please click on a region and select your destination and hotel, or call 800-577-9449, ext 800


Certified Boutique Hotels
Affiliated Hotels

St. Tropez La Ferme d'Augustin

Certified Boutique Hotels
Certified Boutique Hotels
Certified Boutique Hotels
Certified Boutique Hotels

In The Process Of Certification


Astarte Suites

Affiliated Hotels

Crete Elounda Beach


In Process Of Certifi-



Diamond Hotel

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Capo La Gala

Affiliated Hotels

Tuscany Listing Pending


Hotel Alex


Hotel du Theatre

Affiliated Hotels

Mallorca Scott's Hotel

Affiliated Hotels

Applications Pending

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